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Xennsoft provides the best MLM software for any sized network marketing company. From start-ups to international expansion our software will give you the tools to successfully run and operate your business. Empower your independent business owners to efficiently run their business with our easy to use software.

Compliance & Regulations

Compliance & Regulations

Following industry compliance and regulations can make or break your network marketing company. Ensure that your MLM company is following industry standard with these easy to follow compliance and regulation guidelines.




MLM Software security should be your #1 on your priority. As a result staying ahead of the bad guys is essential. Learn tips and tricks on how implement best security practices into your network marketing company and software.




With the constant changes in technology keeping up on industry standards is crucial. As a result following these useful technology techniques will ensure your network marketing software is up to par with the MLM industries standards.

MLM Software Specialized

So, what makes direct sales software so unique and specialized?Network marketing software is not typically offered by top software development companies like Microsoft, Oracle, IBM, and other main-stream software companies you’d probably be familiar with. This type of specialized MLM software can only be found from software design, development and consulting firms that have experience and know-how in the direct sales market.  They develop and market industry-specific platforms and services that support the unique business rules and

An Open Letter to Our Partners and Clients

An open letter to our Partners and Clients -I’m sure by now, you’ve heard about the FTC ruling over Herbalife.  This is not an attempt to up-sell you on anything, but rather a quick message to let you know that we’ve got your back!Over the last few weeks, we have spent countless hours reviewing the FTC’s findings (as unfair as they may be) and evaluating what the new rules mean to you and your business - as

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Are You in the Cloud?

A popular expression says that "having your head in the clouds" is not necessarily the best way to go about living life. What about having your MLM business in the cloud? The "cloud" has become an industry buzz-word and it's basically just a fancy metaphor for the delivery of hosted services (data storage, software, and hardware) over the Internet.Cloud computing used to be the "future"... In 2016, it's safe to say that the future (when it comes to cloud computing)

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Testing Your MLM Software is Crucial

Testing your MLM software is considered a crucial activity prior to launching your company.  Once you take that first distributor or customer enrollment or process that first autoship order, your software platform better be ready to go.The importance of thoroughly testing your system prior to launching cannot be over-emphasized.  Nothing is more frustrating and demoralizing to business momentum than trying to use software that has obvious issues that could have been resolved with thorough testing.  Testing is

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In Today’s Direct Sales Landscape, Technology is a Must

Over the last few years, it’s become apparent, that Direct Sales companies must not only adopt technology, but embrace it as well. The direct sales companies that are using and offering high-end technology are operating at a higher level and making it possible for their sales consultants to reach more people, make more sales and better grow their business. Some of my favorite newer advances in technologies are those that allow consultants to reach out and

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Can’t I Just Get a Developer and Do it On My Own?

Sure you can, if you have a lot of money and time and want to be in the software development business. A good developer costs between $70k and $110k per year. On average that comes out to about $7,000 a month! Don't forget taxes, insurance, office space, equipment, etc. Maybe you think you don't need a full time developer, and can get someone to work part time after hours.  This depends largely on the amount of features

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Won’t you tell me your solution is the best?

You may wonder...Won’t you naturally tell me that your MLM solution is the best, even though my particular business needs may be different from other companies you have worked with? You would think that would be the case. However, we occasionally turn potential clients away or point them toward another provider. After sufficiently understanding our potential client’s needs, we may find it is not a good fit for us or they may be better served elsewhere.

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How to Select MLM Software That’s Right for You

Beware of Shiny Objects!Benefits, scalability, and costs will be your main deciding factors.Benefits (what the MLM software and provider can do for you)First you must know your business objectives. Your software must support those. Your business decisions can dramatically affect the price of your solution if it means customizing your network marketing software.Often new MLM companies will try to emulate or copy a promotion or compensation strategy of a larger more successful venture. The idea seems on

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Major pitfall to avoid in selecting MLM software

At a major direct selling event for new startup MLM companies, we were posed this question: What's a major pitfall to avoid in selecting and operating enterprise MLM software? While this question could be answered as many ways as there are people, I see many new companies hoping their software and other technologies will make their offer irresistible. Assuming technology will “Wow” your potential distributors into signing up, I believe, is a misplaced strategy. This is

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