Sure you can, if you have a lot of money and time and want to be in the software development business. A good developer costs between $70k and $110k per year. On average that comes out to about $7,000 a month! Don’t forget taxes, insurance, office space, equipment, etc.

Maybe you think you don’t need a full time developer, and can get someone to work part time after hours.  This depends largely on the amount of features you expect your system to handle. Here at Xennsoft, we have been working on our new PHP system using WordPress and Magento for over 2 years with a team of senior developers. Make no mistake, we provide a much better return on investment then trying to do it on your own.

Per Year for your own developer – $ 84K
Per Month for your own developer – $ 7K
Per Month using Xennsoft's Enterprise System – $ 2K

Let Xennsoft take the headache out of managing your MLM software platform!

We Offer All the Right Help:

  1. We understand what it takes to succeed from our years of experience creating MLM software and servicing the MLM industry.
  2. We have a low cost to launch your MLM company with all the features you need to make it successful.
  3. We have expert Software Developers, Success Coaches and Support Staff to keep your business thriving.

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