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Great business successes are built on exceptional personal relationships. Our international expansion required a proven world-wide software engine managed by extraordinary development professionals. With Xennsoft, we found a true partner that is dedicated to distributor success and responds to our individual needs in a timely, proficient manner.
NuCERITY International
Since its beginnings in 2005, MonaVie has experienced extraordinary growth. Having Xennsoft provide our corporate office system, distributor back office, and distributor replicated sites have been key components of our successful growth both in the US as well as internationally. Xennsoft’s systems have proven to be reliable and scalable as MonaVie has grown from thousands to hundreds of thousands of distributors. No business sees that kind of growth and success without great partners, and that’s what we have in Xennsoft.
MonaVie LLC
Every MLM wants to think they are different, but at 1ViZN we really feel that we have a unique company with a unique opportunity. We didn’t want to be force-fit into a software platform, but rather wanted an experienced company with a proven platform to work with us to create our system. The team at Xennsoft provided the experience we were looking for as well as the best technology. In Xennsoft we found not just a vendor, but a partner.