Starting An MLM Company

Are you ready to break away and start your own MLM network marketing company? If so we can provide tips, tricks, guidelines to follow, and software to help you successfully grow your MLM company. We have the software solutions needed to ensure your start-up MLM company is successful.

CBD in Multi-Level Marketing – A Follow-Up Look

From years of experience, we know that most people starting an MLM company don’t understand and at the very least, underestimate the importance of finding and working closely with the right merchant processor and more importantly, bank.

The Importance of Collaboration

The Importance of CollaborationAristotle once said that, "the whole is greater than the sum of its parts." While you may not be up on BC era philosophy, this is a valuable lesson for business owners and entrepreneurs alike. A team working together in harmony can accomplish much more than a bunch of individuals doing their own thing. If you run a business with employees, outside agents, or individual distributors, getting them to work together is one of

3 Point Checklist in Finding MLM Mentors

What is a Mentor?Everyone needs good mentors along life’s journey.  Their guidance can make all the different between success and failure. A mentor is someone that is a wise and trusted adviser that has traveled the journey that you are navigating. The mentor can be young or old but has certain areas of expertise that will foster learning and development of the mentee.Value of a Good MentorThroughout my life, I’ve been blessed to have associated with some

Setting Goals and Starting Over.

If you’re like 92% of the people who made a New Year’s Resolution this year of setting goals, by now, you’ve probably already given up.  I get it.  It’s hard.  After all, going to the gym week after week or sticking to the latest fad diet is no easy task, especially if you try to swallow your entire bucket of goals all at once.  So, how about we start over and work on some baby-steps that will

What’s your Why?

When I ask the question “what is your why?” What do you think about? When you wake up every morning, what drives you?Throughout life it was through asking the question “why?” that I truly came to learn what I believed. It was also through asking “why?” that I learned the power of common sense and the purpose behind why I do what I do.If you want to live a life of success, happiness and fulfillment you must find

How to Pick the Right MLM Company – Part 1

Over the past 17 years, I've worked for and with numerous MLM companies; some have been small startups while others were multi-million dollar global giants. During my time as a consultant and Project Manager at Xennsoft, I've worked with dozens of additional direct sales companies in this industry, all of which have varying degrees of success. As an industry insider from the corporate viewpoint, I'd like to share some of the things that you, as a potential

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7 Things That Can Kill Your Speed to Market (4-7)

The Next 4 Speed Killers From The First 3 Speed Killers... Entrepreneurs are often consumed with the idea they're losing business everyday they are not launched. This thought track can often derail an otherwise great business or product launch. In the rush to get launched, companies can overlook or be under-prepared for many important aspects of their business. At the same time, overthinking and indecisiveness can be just as detrimental to a quick and successful start

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Startup Costs for Customization

The cost for customization for a startup company is a quite broad and very subjective based on your company’s business rules and launch requirements. Some of your unique business requirements may be outside the standard MLM software platform's features and functionality that come with the system.  We’ve launched a number of startups whose only unique custom requirement was their commission plan.  These type of startups were able to utilize the off-the-shelf features that come with the software

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No matter what you do in life, do it with a positive attitude.

I’ve been in the direct sales industry for over 30 years now and love it. Sure, it has its ups and downs, rewards and failures and emotional highs and lows, but looking back, I wouldn’t change my involvement, experiences or acquired knowledge from this industry for anything.If there is one lesson that I’ve learned from all those years, it’s summarized perfectly by one of the world’s most proficient men, Mark Twin, who said,“I am an old man

7 Things That Can Kill Your Speed to Market (1-3)

The First 3 Speed Killers Speed to market in the multilevel marketing, direct sales, and party plan worlds is becoming more crucial as more companies enter the fray. Not only are more and more companies emerging, the number of people signing up for the business opportunities these companies provide is also growing. Also, the longer a new MLM company waits to launch the more opportunities for growth are missed, right? Well, yes and no. Entrepreneurs are often

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