With the constant changes in technology keeping up on industry standards is crucial. As a result following these useful technology techniques will ensure your network marketing software is up to par with the MLM industries standards.

4 Essential Steps for Your Global Business to be GDPR Compliant

On May 25, 2018, the European Union's (EU) General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) became enforceable to companies doing business in the EU.

Perfect Pizza Tips for the Right MLM Software

How is implementing the right MLM software program, feature or function like making a delicious pizza? Learn the software secret sauce formula.

MLM Software Powered by Microsoft Azure

In 2016, Xennsoft completed its IT infrastructure to offer our MLM software platform to be 100% cloud-based using Microsoft Azure Cloud Services. Prior to making this move, we performed a thorough due diligence initiative to review and vet out the different cloud service providers. It was critical for us to select a reputable provider that will best support the growth and expansion of our MLM clients. Prime Requirements One of our prime requirements was to have

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Are You in the Cloud?

A popular expression says that "having your head in the clouds" is not necessarily the best way to go about living life. What about having your MLM business in the cloud? The "cloud" has become an industry buzz-word and it's basically just a fancy metaphor for the delivery of hosted services (data storage, software, and hardware) over the Internet.Cloud computing used to be the "future"... In 2016, it's safe to say that the future (when it comes to cloud computing)

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In Today’s Direct Sales Landscape, Technology is a Must

Over the last few years, it’s become apparent, that Direct Sales companies must not only adopt technology, but embrace it as well. The direct sales companies that are using and offering high-end technology are operating at a higher level and making it possible for their sales consultants to reach more people, make more sales and better grow their business. Some of my favorite newer advances in technologies are those that allow consultants to reach out and

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