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Get GDP (GDPR) or Get Fined 20 Million Euros!

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Get GDP compliant or get fined 20 Million Euros. If you’re are storing or plan to store any data that could be tied back to an individual, it can now be considered “personal data” and will now be considered “private”.

White Shirts and MLM Software

Why is the price to purchase an MLM software system so different among software providers in the direct selling space?  Don’t they all offer replicated websites, manage distributor downlines, process orders and pay commissions?The ole adage, "you get what you pay for" has always implied that “high price equals higher quality”.  I believe that holds true for just about anything you buy whether it be a car, a house, or even a white dress shirt.Do I buy

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MLM Software Specialized

So, what makes direct sales software so unique and specialized?First, this brand of software is not typically offered by top software development companies like Microsoft, Oracle, IBM, and other main-stream software companies you’d probably be familiar with. This type of specialized MLM software can only be found from software design, development and consulting firms that have experience and know-how in the direct sales arena.  They develop and market industry-specific platforms and services that support the unique business

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In Today’s Direct Sales Landscape, Technology is a Must

Over the last few years, it’s become apparent, that Direct Sales companies must not only adopt technology, but embrace it as well. The direct sales companies that are using and offering high-end technology are operating at a higher level and making it possible for their sales consultants to reach more people, make more sales and better grow their business. Some of my favorite newer advances in technologies are those that allow consultants to reach out and

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Shipping: Even more complicated than before.

With these new weight measurement rules, you may now even want to consider if it’s worth having larger – lighter items ever sent back for restocking. With the use of new “dimensional weight” formulas for shipping, it’s even more complicated now than it’s ever been to know how much you should charge for shipping. Then there’s the internal question you need to answer; Are you trying to recover your actual shipping costs, should you make a

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