So, what makes direct sales software so unique and specialized?

Network marketing software is not typically offered by top software development companies like Microsoft, Oracle, IBM, and other main-stream software companies you’d probably be familiar with. This type of specialized MLM software can only be found from software design, development and consulting firms that have experience and know-how in the direct sales market.  They develop and market industry-specific platforms and services that support the unique business rules and software requirements of companies that do business in direct sales.

There are a number of unique software components and processes that are necessary in order to properly support and successfully run a network-marketing, MLM or party plan type of business. Some of these unique feature and functional requirements would be:

  1. Representative or distributor enrollment processing
  2. Down-line and lineage management of a tree structure
  3. Commission plan processing and management of different multilevel compensation structures
  4. Party plan orders management and fulfillment
  5. Hostess rewards and incentives calculations and management
  6. Autoship management of recurring orders for different customer types.
  7. Distributor back office with industry-unique tools to manage the representative’s business activity
  8. Distributor replicated website to market their business to their customers

Your MLM software platform will need the ability to support international software enhancements as your company expands its business footprint to include worldwide markets.

We have all the tools and experience you need to grow your MLM (Network Marketing) business.

We have all the tools and experience you need to grow your MLM (Network Marketing) business.

Some of those enhancement features and services would be:

  1. Currency management
  2. Language translation
  3. Multi-market lineage and tree management
  4. International payment processing solutions
  5. Shipping and taxation services

The question you may be asking is, “when would I need to implement an MLM software solution to run my business?”

Many software providers offer an entry-level software package that provide many of these MLM software features and functionality to get you started right away.  Some offer a low-cost software package that can easily be implemented to test your business model that would enable you to see what level of business opportunity you may have with your product or service using a direct sales marketing method.  Stay tune for my next article when I will expand on the question, “When is the right time to purchase and implement a software solution for my business.”