From Start-Ups to International Expansion, we do it all!

For 15+ years, we have been developing cloud-based, scalable, MLM software for startup and large international clients. Over a million network marketing and direct sales distributors have benefited from our business operations in over 60 countries.

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WorldToolsthe sales & marketing MLM software platform

WorldTools™ – customer marketing MLM software platform

Software Retail Shopping MLM

Encourage and Promote Sales

Encouraging and promoting product purchases during the shopping cart experience is becoming more popular as companies leverage technology to increase sales.  WorldTools™ offers a today’s “look and feel” shopping cart experience that enables unique branding capability and content management to be embedded right in the shopping experience platform.

  • Want to place links, images or marketing videos in the shopping experience promoting a specific product or group of products? No problem.
  • Want to embed the shopping cart anywhere in your marketing site based on your design? Super easy.
  • Need the ability to shop and purchase from a mobile device? It’s there.

Software BonusBin eWallet MLM

Increase Sales with Redeemable Vouchers

Ever receive a gift card to a department store only to leave with product purchases exceeding the gift card amount?

WorldTools™ features a revenue-generating voucher marketing platform  called BonusBin™  where distributors can use their commission earnings to act like gift cards.  They can easily create redeemable vouchers that auto-embeds the distributor’s replicated website link and send it to potential customers to use during their shopping experience or membership enrollments.

Like gift cards, shopping customers will oft times buy more product than the voucher amount which leads to an increase in sales revenue to the company and a boost in commissions to the distributor.

Marketing Websites MLMDrive Sales & Enrollments

Providing the distributor with a beautifully-designed, eye-catching online marketing site plays huge in building a successful MLM business.  First impressions are everything especially in today’s online social world. When distributors send their customers to their business or product website they need the site to make an immediate impression that will drive sales and encourage enrollments.

Xennsoft leverages the power and flexibility of the WordPress CMS to design and manage the replicated website system. WordPress is the leading website content management systems in the world today. It’s browser-based and can be managed from any computer. It doesn’t require HTML editing, you don’t need to be a programmer and the search engines love WordPress built sites.  And, the best thing about WordPress, it’s easy-to-use and mobile-ready.

Email Campaigns MLM

eMail Campaigns with Analytics

WorldTools™ enables distributors to send email campaigns to their customers and down-line members. The company can create and make available eye-catching email marketing templates for distributor use in their Team Office™   to help them with marketing and promotional campaigns.

  • Want to send an autoship encouragement email to those in your down-line that are not on autoship? It’s simple and effective.
  • Need to make everyone aware of the new product being rolled out for sale? No problem.
  • Want to send an email campaign advertising the upcoming annual conference? It’s quick and easy to do.

TeamOfficethe distributor’s MLM software backoffice

TeamOffice™ – the distributor’s MLM software backoffice

Success Business Tools

Distributors need a simple, on-the-go way to quickly access the details of their business, from anywhere and from any device.  Team Office™ is a mobile-ready application that provides the distributor with the information they need to become a successful builder and manager of their business.

  • Need to see who’s active in the business? Simply click a filter and display button.
  • Want to order products or change your autoship? It’s easy to do.
  • Want to view and filter your down-line in a graphical way? It’s fast and beautiful.

These and many more tools will work together to ensure distributors have the best opportunity and tools to grow a successful business.

Software BonusBin eWallet MLMWatch Your Down-line Grow

TeamOffice™ features a graphical, birds-eye view of a distributor’s down-line sales organization. Quickly identify, focus and act on building and maintaining their valuable sales organization.

  • Easy tree navigation (zoom in & out)
  • Quick down-line member search
  • Multiple tree view options (placement & sponsor)
  • Mouse-over distributor information and profile viewing
  • In-tree enrollment and placement views
  • Color-coded rank tracking and reporting views
  • In-tree filtering options (show active, qualified, on-autoship, etc.)

Software BonusBin eWallet MLM

Your Money Working For You

TeamOffice™ offers a one-of-a-kind eWallet system called BonusBin™. It’s much more than a place to store and withdraw a distributors commission earnings.  BonusBin™ is an easy-to-use business building and retention platform where distributors can leverage their commissions earning to promote and sustain their business.

  • Want to drive more customers to the shopping cart to increase sales? Create and distribute a redeemable marketing voucher.
  • Want to help a valued down-line distributor with a product purchase so they stay active? Send funds to their eWallet account to be used to purchase a product.
  • Want to decrease the companies credit card processing expense from product purchases? Encourage distributors to set BonusBin™ to be the payment method.

WorldVuthe corporate MLM software backoffice

WorldVu™ – the corporate MLM software backoffice

Empower Your Agents

The hub of any successful network marketing operation is the ability to see what’s happening with their customers and distributors. Our Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) system will empower your agents with intuitive web-based tools and reporting insights to effectively address the daily concerns and issues that arise from your customers.

Do you need to make a distributor tree change or authorize an order return?  Maybe a volume or commission adjustment needs to be made.  This and much more is available in Xennsoft’s CRM system.

Software Operations MLM

Operations Management and Control

WorldVu™ is the command center where all system processes and services are managed to support the operations of your MLM business.

It’s easy to process and payout commissions, configure different enrollment profiles, manage merchant account services, build shipping tables and configure sales taxation, set up inventory, stage new country roll-outs and more with WorldVu™.

Software Communications MLM

Field Communication and Training

Keeping the distributor updated, informed and properly trained is fundamental to creating and sustaining a successful sales force of network marketers.

  • Create and send time-sensitive notifications containing important messages, announcements or videos.
  • Compose and configure scheduled email blasts or auto responding emails to keep distributors and customers in-touch with the business.
  • Setup a video training center to educate your distributors by rank with FAQ and Document Library content support.

Software Reporting MLM

Multiple Ways to Report Your Data

The MLM system is only as good as its reporting tools. WorldVu™ offers several tools for collecting, storing, analyzing and providing access to data to help you make the best decisions possible for your business.

  • Need to configure a filterable report to specific users? Easy.
  • Want to create and store a custom report that is specific to your business? No problem.
  • Want to show reports with easy-to-read graphs and charts to visually see the data? It’s there.