In 2016, Xennsoft completed its IT infrastructure to offer our MLM software platform to be 100% cloud-based using Microsoft Azure Cloud Services. Prior to making this move, we performed a thorough due diligence initiative to review and vet out the different cloud service providers. It was critical for us to select a reputable provider that will best support the growth and expansion of our MLM clients.

Prime Requirements

One of our prime requirements was to have the ability to spin up and implement IT environments around the world within a matter of minutes to support the performance and expansion needs of our MLM customers. Additionally, being that we are a Microsoft development shop, we wanted a provider that was closely integrated with other Microsoft tools such as SharePoint, Office 365, Outlook and other enterprise collaboration tools that were important to running our business.

Lastly, we needed a reliable provider that offered unmatched system back ups, data analytics, BI and a worldwide support presence.  We are just scratching the surface of the cloud power and benefits of what is offered with Azure.  We are able to offer better performance, higher through-put, data back and redundancy and expansion at a lower cost to our clients.