A popular expression says that “having your head in the clouds” is not necessarily the best way to go about living life. What about having your MLM business in the cloud? The “cloud” has become an industry buzz-word and it’s basically just a fancy metaphor for the delivery of hosted services (data storage, software, and hardware) over the Internet.

Cloud computing used to be the “future”… In 2016, it’s safe to say that the future (when it comes to cloud computing) is now. Cloud computing enables your company to access and store data similar to the utility company model (just like electricity), rather than having to build and maintain costly computing infrastructure in-house.

There are many benefits to being in the cloud. Here are just a few:


  • Many cloud services (Google, Amazon, Microsoft) are connected directly to the internet backbone for faster performance
  • Always have the latest and greatest hardware at your disposal
  • Never run out of server capacity


  • Ability to scale on-demand whenever needed (i.e. conventions, new products & market launches, etc.)
  • Cloud setup and infrastructure can be customized in hundreds of ways


  • Secure backups of all your data
  • Cloud data centers available worldwide
  • Always-on technology available

Cost Benefits

  • Eliminate the need for a large staff of IT employees
  • Save tremendously on hardware and software licensing costs
  • Pay-as-you-grow model

Xennsoft employs the latest cloud technology platforms with its software. As an MLM company, your focus should be on sales and marketing, not technology. You shouldn’t have to worry about your data and whether or not it’s secure or being properly backed up. Unlike many of our competitors, we have you covered when it comes to cloud computing!

For more information, call and speak to us about how we’ve got you covered, no matter how big you grow, and no matter what countries in which you operate.