Building an Independent Business

Building an independent business within network marketing can be exciting, stressful and most importantly full of rewards. As a result our goal is to help you be successful by providing network marketing industry tips, tricks and industry en-site to help you reach your full potential.

3 Point Checklist in Finding MLM Mentors

What is a Mentor? Everyone needs good mentors along life’s journey.  Their guidance can make all the different between success and failure. A mentor is someone that is a wise and trusted adviser that has traveled the journey that you are navigating. The mentor can be young or old but has certain areas of expertise that will foster learning and development of the mentee. Value of a Good Mentor Throughout my life, I’ve been blessed to

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The Power of Online Parties

Cleaning the house and rearranging the furniture for guests to come by your home for an evening is now a thing of the past. Online parties right from the comfort of your home via your mobile phone, ipad, laptop, or computer are starting to be successful. More people are hosting virtual parties online to drive sales in their party plan business. A live virtual party is much like a home party, but instead of having people

Change is Good

Colors of Change: By Brian Smith It’s easy to think of change as a negative course, mainly, because most of us just don’t like change. But change is good! I personally use to fight against change and believed that most change was going to bring about a negative outcome. Was it just me, or is it human nature?  Since I don’t like to feel inferior, I’ll blame it on human nature.  Over time however, and maybe

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How to Pick the Right MLM Company – Part 1

Over the past 17 years, I've worked for and with numerous MLM companies; some have been small startups while others were multi-million dollar global giants. During my time as a consultant and Project Manager at Xennsoft, I've worked with dozens of additional direct sales companies in this industry, all of which have varying degrees of success. As an industry insider from the corporate viewpoint, I'd like to share some of the things that you, as a potential networker and independent

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Network Marketing and Pokémon GO

Recently I heard my kids talking about hatching eggs and CP values of a character, so of course I was curious of what they were talking about. They proceeded to tell me all about the new game craze of Pokémon GO. I of course was intrigued with the interaction the game gave you and how it was getting people out and becoming more social in the real world. Here are a few things I noticed with

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No matter what you do in life, do it with a positive attitude.

I’ve been in the direct sales industry for over 30 years now and love it. Sure, it has its ups and downs, rewards and failures and emotional highs and lows, but looking back, I wouldn’t change my involvement, experiences or acquired knowledge from this industry for anything. If there is one lesson that I’ve learned from all those years, it’s summarized perfectly by one of the world’s most proficient men, Mark Twin, who said, “I am

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