Recently I heard my kids talking about hatching eggs and CP values of a character, so of course I was curious of what they were talking about. They proceeded to tell me all about the new game craze of Pokémon GO. I of course was intrigued with the interaction the game gave you and how it was getting people out and becoming more social in the real world. Here are a few things I noticed with Pokémon GO and how it relates to network marketing.

Bringing back the good ol’ days

I see many similarities of the games we used to play to that of Pokéman GO, and this is good for Network Marketing and particularly for Party Plan related companies. Many are playing Pokémon GO today and building fond memories and in many ways getting people to remember good times from the past. One of my friends was recently invited to a Tupperware party via text that read “I want to have a Tupperware party, who’s in it with me?” Remember going to your first Tupperware party with the plastic popsicle trays that you filled with your favorite Kool Aid? What a great way to bring someone back to remembering the great times in their life.

Interaction with others

Pokémon Go is getting people out of their houses and interacting with other people. I am hearing from many parents who are talking about their children getting with other kids and walking for miles to catch these Pokémons. So, I believe a home meeting or party done right is still a very viable approach to Network Marketing, as you can see with so many gathering together and interacting.

Building up through mutual interest

With growing tension in the United States right now from politics to protests I can see Network Marketing and Pokémon Go as simple solutions to bringing people together for a common goal.  Network Marketing is no respecter of persons and everyone can be a part of it and be successful.

It covers the whole world

You can find Pokémon go just about everywhere in the world. This is like Network Marketing companies where you can operate them from just about anywhere, especially with through the use of the internet.

My final word is to have fun and get social.