What is a Mentor?

Everyone needs good mentors along life’s journey.  Their guidance can make all the different between success and failure. A mentor is someone that is a wise and trusted adviser that has traveled the journey that you are navigating. The mentor can be young or old but has certain areas of expertise that will foster learning and development of the mentee.

Value of a Good Mentor

Throughout my life, I’ve been blessed to have associated with some amazing mentors. Each one has served a different purpose that has greatly enriched my life. The value of a good mentor can help others chart the most effective and efficient course to achieve their goals.

Network Marketing is Mentoring

Over the past 18 years of working in the MLM software arena, I’ve rubbed shoulders with some very amazing MLM professionals. I’ve met some very  successful MLM distributors and executives that have built profitable sales organizations all around the world. From each relationship, I have been able to take-away specific characteristics and attributes that has helped me in my professional and personal life.  The one thing that seemed to be common among them is they all had great mentors. And, they accredited much of their success to the coaching and examples of their mentors.

We can help you start or build your MLM business with our team of expert coaches.

We can help you start or build your MLM business with our team of expert coaches.

One of my favorite virtual mentors that I tune into every day is Darren Hardy. His coaching and challenges have been instrumental in helping me create value and productivity in my day. In one of his recent segments he shared insight on what to look for in a good mentor. He said you must identify your key goals and the skills that you want to acquire to achieve success. Once you’ve made that connection, go out and find someone that has done it.

  • If your goal is to get into better shape, then find someone that is physically fit.
  • If your goal is to become a great husband, then find a great mentor husband.
  • If your goal is to develop a better relationship with God, then find a spiritual mentor.
  • If you want to build a successful MLM or Party Plan business, then establish relationships with those MLM professionals that have been there, done that.

Lastly, Darren ends with an easy-to-do questionnaire to help identify mentors.

  • Has your mentor been where you are headed?

  • Has your mentor achieved what you want to do?

  • Is your mentors approach easy to understand and duplicatable?

Even though these questions may seem simple and obvious they are very effective in finding mentors that may help you achieve your goals.