Testing your MLM software is considered a crucial activity prior to launching your company.  Once you take that first distributor or customer enrollment or process that first autoship order, your software platform better be ready to go.

The importance of thoroughly testing your system prior to launching cannot be over-emphasized.  Nothing is more frustrating and demoralizing to business momentum than trying to use software that has obvious issues that could have been resolved with thorough testing.  Testing is one of those necessary activities that no one likes doing but is mission-critical to your business success. Unfortunately, many times this step is glazed over with the idea that the software should “just work”.

Never, ever assume that the software will just work or that the software company will take care of all your testing needs.  Always consult with your Success Coach and never short-cut following the recommendations of the testing processes and procedures.

Thorough testing will pay huge dividends to the successful launch of your business.