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Xennsoft has provided MLM software and MLM apps to dozens of network marketing companies. As a result we have created, designed and tested over 1,000 compensation plans, have over 120 years of combined consulting experience, and developed network marketing software that is used in over 60 countries. Our MLM Network Marketing expertise will help expand your MLM company to the next level.



With over 15 years of MLM industry experience and knowledge Xennsoft provides insite that can help you learn everything you need to know to successfully start, run, operate and mange your MLM company.


Compensation Plans

Compensation Plans

Xennsoft has been developing compensation plans for over 15 years and has designed, developed and load tested plans for some of the largest and best MLM companies in the industry. Whether you need ideas about how…



Ensuring that your MLM company is financially stable should be a top priority. Follow these tips and guidelines to ensure financial success in your network marketing company.



Ensuring that your network marketing company follows laws and regulations set for your specific country or state/territory is a top priority. Learn important legal information when operating your MLM network marketing company to ensure that it doesn’t get blind sided by unexpected regulations.

Operations Management

Operations Management

Maintaining and operating the day to day actions of a network marketing company are an important aspect of your success. Our operations management tips, tools, and ideas will help you successfully run your MLM network marketing company.

What’s your Why?

When I ask the question “what is your why?” What do you think about? When you wake up every morning, what drives you?Throughout life it was through asking the question “why?” that I truly came to learn what I believed. It was also through asking “why?” that I learned the power of common sense and the purpose behind why I do what I do.If you want to live a life of success, happiness and fulfillment you must find

Finish an Imperfect Project

This week was my sons last week of his school term. I found that many of his homework assignments were not turned in throughout the year. When I confronted him about it he told me that he did not finish the homework all the way, so he did not turn it in. He told me that one of his teachers from the past told him to never turn in homework unless it is all the way done.

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Change is Good

It’s easy to think of change as a negative course, mainly, because most of us just don’t like change. But change is good! I personally use to fight against change and believed that most change was going to bring about a negative outcome. Was it just me, or is it human nature?  Since I don’t like to feel inferior, I’ll blame it on human nature.  Over time however, and maybe with age (I mean experience), I have

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Millennials… Work Until You Die? – Really!?

In my line of work, I have the pleasure of meeting people from all walks of life. One of the most intriguing groups, are those between the ages of 18 and 34 – Millennials. What I’ve experienced is a rainbow of ethical, emotional and knowledgeable beliefs and lifestyles. On one hand, many of them are the most outgoing, giving and positive people I have ever met. But on the other hand, they can be some of the

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Website presence in the MLM Industry

So how important is a good website presence in the MLM industry? As we know, almost all MLM sign ups and purchases are online now and the days of paper enrollment and ordering are a thing of the past. Currently 50% of ordering and enrollment is done on either a smart phone or tablet. To make sure the user has the best experience on a mobile device you will need to make sure your website is

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Calculating, Collecting and Submitting Sales Tax

Over the last 20 years, I have owned no less than 5 businesses. If there was one insight I could leave with you as a business owner, it is this - don’t ever go it alone on calculation, paying and filing your taxes. Getting behind on or missing payroll tax deadlines is probably the most perilous event you can face. The next most important thing to do, is to properly file and then pay your sales tax.

The Gold Is in the US

Many young network marketing companies are eager for expansion and often view the US as a testing ground for their business model. It makes sense that they try to figure things out in their familiar language, culture, and currency.However, a quick look at the top markets in the world reveal a handful of countries where launching is quite challenging. In fact, many of these markets may require adjusting product formulas, compensation plans, and other significant changes to

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Information vs Communication

The two words 'information' and 'communication' are often used interchangeably, but they signify quite different things. Information is giving out; communication is getting through. Sidney J. Harris We live in an information-rich society that seems to overload us with yet more data each and every passing day. This data can be informative and helpful when it comes to effectively managing your business. As an executive or leader in the network marketing space, you rely on key data

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The Changing Tide of Direct Sales / MLM Industry

I recently took a trip to California. While on the beach I watched my children build a sandcastle complete with seashells and sticks which they gathered along the shore. They keep the sandcastle at least a few yards from where the waves crashed in an attempt to make sure it would not be washed away. Little did they know, the tide would bring the waves beyond where the castle was being built. As a result the

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