In my line of work, I have the pleasure of meeting people from all walks of life. One of the most intriguing groups, are those between the ages of 18 and 34 – Millennials. What I’ve experienced is a rainbow of ethical, emotional and knowledgeable beliefs and lifestyles. On one hand, many of them are the most outgoing, giving and positive people I have ever met. But on the other hand, they can be some of the most self-centered, pessimistic and unrealistic people I have ever met as well. It seems to me, that the philosophical lines which separate these two types of personalities are becoming wider and more defined. They’re either on one side of the spectrum or the other and there is very little in-between. Neither is there a desire to patiently or cordially discuss the other’s point of view. These realizations in and of themselves are an interesting and complicated subject, and one I find fascinating and I will, no doubt, write an article about at a later date.  For now however, one area in which both of these groups seem to agree, is in the area of work and retirement.

Many Millennials around the world fear that they will never have the chance to retire. A shocking 56 percent of Millennials think they will not be able to retire until somewhere between the ages of 60 and 69, while 12 percent believe they will need to work until they die – this according to a report by the Manpower Group. The level of pessimism about old age and retirement is highest in Japan where 37 percent of Millennials think they will work without the possibility of retiring.  Needless to say, they have been sold a bill of goods.

Millennials Work Until You Die






Source: Manpower Group

If there were ever a group of people who needed to learn about the benefits, power and life-changing opportunities that Direct Sales has to offer, this is that group!

In 2015, sales from companies within the Direct Sales industry were over 186.3 Billion with 45 percent (or 74 Billion) being paid out to those who share these products and services with others. Direct Sales continues to be one of the most affordable and socially-minded ways of doing business around the world today, and most Millennials are not yet familiar with its power and influence. Find a good and honest direct sales business who treats their independent sales force fairly and with respect, and who offers a line of products that excites… then, you may just have a free-market home, where you can build your own lifestyle witExperience as a Direct Seller_Graphich income as little or strong as you want.  No educational restriction, no market limitation and no glass ceiling. In other words, it’s up to you.  The Millennials who want to make a difference – who want to be a part of something bigger than themselves, or who simply want life- changing and life-long security, now have one of the most rewarding opportunities in the world today and the mechanisms to do so. In the Millennial world of today, their life-job balance and self-fulfillment are critical, so there is no better place for a Millennial to land. Sure it’s hard work and you’ll need to put in a serious effort, but the satisfaction of those involved in the Direct Sales industry is a whopping 85%.  Ask around. You won’t find that level of satisfaction in many 8 to 5 jobs or franchises.

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