Summary:  This training will guide you through the the steps necessary to integrate your store with the site.  It will provide you with some unique items that must be done so your Xennsoft system will work with

Establishing a Account

  • We suggest you review the Benefits of Using training first to establish your company’s need for
  • If is chosen as the software to process shipping orders for your store , click on the link at the end of the training to set up a account.
  • Note:  We ask that you use this link instead of going directly to the site to help show that you were a reference from Xennsoft.

Integrating Your Magento (Xennsoft Store) with

  • Find the instructions found on the site under the “Help” tab (Getting Started:  Integrating Your Store) or follow this link:

How to Integrate Magento with

  • Follow the instructions listed on the page.

Note:  When you come to the “Finalizing the Integration with Shippingeasy” step at the end of the instructions make sure to enter the following information for your “Magento Store URL:” instead of how Shippingeasy has instructed.

Shippingeasy instructions:

Xennsoft instructions:

  • Your store should connect and you should be ready to follow the other instructions provided by to fulfill orders through their system.

We hope this helps.  Check out our other training posts for additional assistance.