Summary:  This training will guide you through the process needed to reset Index Management.  This training is pulled from the Magento User Guide and has some additional reference information if the “How to Reset Index Management” training is missing details.

Note:  This training is taken directly from the Magento User Guide.  Xennsoft has provided this link for your assistance.  On occasion you may find that some items within the WorldVu system do not match the training provided by the Magento User Guide due to modification made within WorldVu to accommodate the Direct Sales Industry needs.  If this happens and you are unable to accomplish your desired actions or find a more specific WorldVu training, please contact your Xennsoft Success Coach and/or enter a Ticket to Xennsoft and we will promptly reply.  When needed, Xennsoft will make custom trainings that will fit the modified Direct Sales format within WorldVu.

Accessing & Resetting Index Management

How to Reset Index Management

Manual Reset of Index Management

How to Manually Reset Index Management

Automatic Reset of Index Management

Understanding Automatic Index Management

We hope this helps.  Check out our other training posts for additional assistance.