Summary:  In this training you will learn why Bonus Bin provides your company and your field representatives a powerful and easy to use tool to manage the important aspects of the Direct Selling compensation.

Bonus Bin Is Your Company’s Path to Success!

Bonus Bin is an eWallet system in which your field representatives can use his/her commission earnings to purchase product or request a payout. Your company is given a variety of options to fulfill field representative’s requests for payouts including sending them a check or processing an ACH transaction. Included with the Bonus Bin tools is the ability to create an export file that you can use to facilitate the payouts.

Some Key Benefits:

  1. Avoid costly credit card fees.  Product purchase fees through Bonus Bin are a very low 1% and only occur on product purchases.
  2. Lessen payout withdrawals as field representatives leave funds in Bonus Bin for future product purchases.
  3. Reduce costly ACH fees.  
  4. Utilize Bonus Bin “Allocated Funds” to provide monetary rewards which can be controlled by the company.  The “Allocated Funds” may only be used for product purchases and other controlled processes, preventing direct payouts and increasing field representative participation.
  5. Bonus Bin allows your company to collect individual tax information at a later time and avoid declined enrollments from potential field representatives who avoid participation initially due to the collection of their social security number.  
  6. Using Bonus Bin encourages the field representatives to utilize their funds for future product purchases.
  7. Bonus Bin is an excellent tool for solving a variety of customer service and marketing issues by allowing compensation awards, return credits and promotion awards.   Funding is solved quickly and effectively with Bonus Bin payment solutions.  

The list can go on and on.  Don’t hesitate setting up Bonus Bin!  Review all the related trainings and make sure your field representatives have the necessary information to set up their accounts so they can access the power of Bonus Bin for their businesses.

We hope this helps.  Check out our other training posts for additional assistance.