Summary:  This training will provide you with an understanding of what the System > Logger is and what information it provides.

Log into WorldVu Dashboard

  • System > Logger

Reviewing Logger

Note:  The System > Logger provides a log of WorldVu Admin changes that occurred to the Magento store.  The log allows you to see the “Date”, “User Name”, “Original Data” and “New Data” among a few other identifiers helpful to Xennsoft Developers.

  • Use the Logger to find a change that needs to be corrected or reversed.  Sometimes changes are made to your Store which cause problems you did not foresee.  When you are unaware of how those changes affected the system or you do not know what changes actually affected the system, the logger can provide a path from the “Original Data” to the “New Data”.  It is best to narrow your search to a date range (Timestamp) or a “User Name” if possible.  These two filters will be what you will likely use in most searches.  The other filters are for Xennsoft Developers and those more familiar with the other identifiers.  Remember to click “Submit” after a filter is entered to update your Logger list.
  • Use the Logger to identify individuals who might need training because of mistakes or errors made in the system.  The logger may also identify unauthorized actions by individuals so they can be held accountable.  If you know of an Admin change you wish to verify you may search the date or the user name to find the exact modification for review.
  • The Logger may also be used by Xennsoft Developers to help solve an issue with your Magento Store that you are unable to find or understand.  In the case where changes were made to the system that need to be corrected or modified, provide as much detail about the incident to your Success Coach which might be helpful to them as they provide the information to Xennsoft Developers.   If you know what was being changed, the user making the changes and the date and time the changes were made it can be very helpful in identifying the issue.

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We hope this helps.  Check out our other training posts for additional assistance.