Summary:  This training will guide you to information that will assist you with using the Infortis Extensions and the Ultimo Theme used to build your Magento Store website and help you understand how to utilize “Theme Settings”, “Theme Design” and “Theme Layout” found in System > Configuration > Ultimo (1.15.4).  The information will also aid in setting up “Slideshow”, “Menu”, “Zoom” and “Brands” found under System > Configuration > Infortis Extensions.  You will receive resources that will provide ideas on how you may be able to design your WorldVu Store.

Understanding Infortis and Ultimo Theme

  • Infortis is the company that created the Ultimo Theme used in your WorldVu Store website.  The Ultimo Theme was created specifically for Magento that Xennsoft has chosen to use to guide the concept and design of your WorldVu Store.  How your WorldVu Store web pages look will depend on what you can do with the Ultimo Theme.

Layout Resource Examples for WorldVu Store Pages:

Various Shopping Page Layouts for your Store

Note:  Whatever design you are seeing in the demos can likely be designed in your store using the Infortis Extensions and the Ultimo Theme.

2015 User Guide for Ultimo Theme:

User Guide

Note:  The Ultimo Theme User Guide has a lot of information that is not relevant for your use especially the beginning information (Chapters 1-3) which refer to installation of the Ultimo Theme into the Magento Store.  The installation of the Ultimo Theme has already been done by Xennsoft Developers and cannot be modified.  Chapters 4,5 and 6 have information that may be useful to your efforts to modify the Store websites.  Chapters 7-13 explain how to interact with System > Configuration > Ultimo (1.15.4) and System > Configuration > Infortis Extensions.

We hope this helps.  Check out our other training posts for additional assistance.