The cost for customization for a startup company is a quite broad and very subjective based on your company’s business rules and launch requirements. Some of your unique business requirements may be outside the standard MLM software platform’s features and functionality that come with the system.  We’ve launched a number of startups whose only unique custom requirement was their commission plan.  These type of startups were able to utilize the off-the-shelf features that come with the software which kept their costs down and on budgets.

Other startups; however,  required custom programming and integration to specific services that the company wanted to use for fulfillment, shipping, taxation, payment processing etc.

Still other startups targeted their launch to include multiple markets which possibly meant they’d need country specific programming to support shipping, taxation and payment services.

We have found that while some countries are very easy to add to the system, others are very complex and require detailed deployment and support planning prior to launching the business in that market.   Each country typically has specific country rules and compliance requirements that we as a software provider will need to identify and factor in to the system.   Typically, these additional customization’s would add development and support cost to your system.

We recommend that before you commit to launching or opening up a new market segment of your business make sure you collaborate closely with your MLM software provider first. You’ll want to understand what level of customization, investment and time frame may be required to make the necessary changes to the system before you can effectively launch the software in that market.  The worse scenario possible is announcing the launch of a new market to the field and then later informing the MLM software provider that you needed the software to support that expansion yesterday.