Summary:  This training will guide you through the process to set up an email to receive the information that is generated from your website’s “Contact Us Form”.   By inputting an email you will assure all inquiries are reviewed and responded to if needed.

Log into WorldVu Dashboard

Click CMS > Form Builder

On the “Form Builder” page, click on the “Contact Us Form” in the list

On the “Edit Form ‘Contact Us Form'” page, click on “Email Settings” in the left hand menu

In the “Email Settings” section in “Admin Email Where Result Sent” field, add your company email where you wish all “Contact Us Form” information to go

Click “Save Form”

Additional Information:

You may also make modifications to the “Contact Us Form” on the “Edit Form ‘Contact Us Form'” page.  More details can be found in future trainings.

Modifications and email redirect can also be set up for the “Taking Interest Form” by following the direction of this training.

We hope this helps.  Check out our other training posts for additional assistance.