Are you trying to assemble a list of software evaluation questions to help  evaluate, select and implement an MLM, party plan or direct sales software system that is right for your business?  It’s possible that you’ve started your list  but maybe you’re feeling a little unsure if you’re asking all the right questions, especially if you’re new to the industry.

With this in mind, I’ve pulled together a list of  starter questions that will help forge a preliminary assessment of those software providers who you may be considering for your business.

Learn About The Company

  • How long have you been in business?
  • Is your company growing or downsizing?
  • Number of many employees?
  • Are all your employees in one location?
  • Do you outsource any of your work to other contracts or overseas?
  • What experience does your leadership and staff have that is specific to the direct selling industry?
  • How did your company get started in developing software for the direct selling industry?
  • What types of direct selling companies do you support? [e.g. MLM, Party Plan, Direct Sales.]
  • What is the break-out of your staff among development, customer service and administration?
  • What type of commission structures have you programmed and deployed in your software? [e.g. Unilevel, Binary, Matrix, Hybrids, etc.]
  • How many customers do you currently maintain and support?
  • What is your experience in working with startups?
  • What types of domestic and international deployments have you done?

Learn About The Software Platform

  • How can I determine the total cost of your software?
  • How open and accessible is the software platform and data?
  • How easy is it to access the data?
  • How customizable is the platform?
  • How often do you do updates and releases?
  • Do you have a software and services “checklist” that could help me know what  I may need to get started?
  • How does your software support a company as it grows?
  • How much time is required to set up the system?
  • How will you train my staff to use the system properly?
  • How will you support the software system and my future needs after launch?

If you’d like more help in determining what types of software and services you might need to launch, feel free to take our Technology Needs Assessment (TNA) and we’ll be more than happy to discuss the assessment with you.