Summary:  This training will guide you through the process needed to enable Customers and Associates/Distributors to provide product reviews.

Log into WorldVu Dashboard

  • Click on System > Configuration
  • Go to “Catalog” in the left side menu under the “Catalog” section
  • Then on the “Catalog” page, click on “Product Reviews” to open the field
  • Change the default “No” to “Yes”
  • Click on “Save Config”

Verify System Configuration for Product Reviews

  • Click on System > Configuration
  • Go to “Advanced”
  • Click on “Disable Modules Output”
  • Verify “Mage_Review is defaulted to “Enable”.  If this is not set then change it to “Enable”
  • You are now set up to receive product reviews

Reviewing Product Reviews

  • Click on Catalog > Reviews and Ratings > Customer Reviews > Pending Reviews
  • Select the Product Reviews you wish to publish to the website then click “Submit”

Note:  You may edit Product Reviews before submitting them.  Make changes then submit them.  You may also delete Product Reviews that you will not use.