Making business decisions is something that involves gathering sufficient information to make a judgment call. Along with that information, there is a certain amount of moxie that good leaders and entrepreneurs use to pull off decisions, especially those where the crystal ball may be a little cloudy.

Choosing a software provider and then making all the key decisions along the way towards successfully launching your business will certainly require your fair share of tough decisions. Some of these decisions may revolve around such questions as:

  • Do I have enough funding to reasonably launch my company now or do I need more?
  • Do I have a product that people will actually want (apart from the opportunity)?
  • Do I have the interest of either a few key leaders or is the product/value proposition so unique and/or awesome that the masses will flock to it?
  • Is my compensation plan attractive enough?
  • Do I launch with one product or multiple?
  • Who do I hire and when?
  • Am I protected legally?
  • Do I have a software system that meets my current needs and can grow with me?

Obviously, these types of questions cover just the tip of the iceberg. Sometimes it’s easy to become overwhelmed or paralyzed when confronted by major decisions. We get the deer-in-the-headlight look and we think that we need much more information (i.e. time) in order to make that perfect decision which will “ensure” our success.

May I suggest we take a different approach when making tough decisions?  You could boil it down to one simple statement: It’s usually better to make a good decision today, than a perfect decision tomorrow.

In my years in the industry working with various network marketing companies, I’ve found that those who have been successful were not afraid to make a mistake, and quickly adjusted as needed, making small course corrections along the way. Nothing kills success and morale faster than not allowing your company to execute through long, drawn-out indecision or waiting until every little thing is perfect. Many leaders and companies enter a state of paralysis and inaction because they are afraid to fail. Although none of us like to fail, it’s okay to make an imperfect decision as long as the course correction is swift.

Here at Xennsoft, nothing prides us more than watching a start-up company launch in a short amount of time with all that they need to run a successful business.  Whether you take the “do-it-yourself” approach or you engage us in helping your implementation and launch go as smoothly as possible, we are always standing by as your partner in success.