Summary:  This training will guide you through the process necessary to edit/create the settings for your Form Builder creations such as the “Taking Interest” form and “Contact Us” forms.  You will learn how to limit submissions to registered customers or leave the form open to all guests.  You will learn how to set up email responses to customers who fill out your “Forms”.  You will also be shown where you set up the date and time marker for each form submission.

Log Into WorldVu Dashboard

  • System > Configuration > Form Builder (Located under the Xennsoft Settings Menu)

Configuring the Form Builder Settings

Click on “Frontend-Form Submission Settings” on the Form Builder page

  • Choose “Yes” if the form can only be accessed by registered customers otherwise “No” is the default
  • Place a number into “Limit form submission for Guest user” if you want to limit the number of times a guest can submit a form.  Leaving it blank allows unlimited submissions
  • If you wish to limit submissions from registered users (customers) enter a number into the “Limit form submission for Registered user” field
  • If you wish to redirect your customers to a web page after they submit their form submission then place the URL into the “Redirect URL” field

Click on “Frontend-Default Form Submission Email Settings” on the Form Builder page

  • Choose the “Email Sender” identifier from the list.  This will identify to the customer who sent any follow up emails to the form submission
  • Choose “Yes” for the “Send Email to Customer?” field if you want an email to be sent following all form submissions
  • Choose the email template you wish to send to customers when they submit forms

Note:  You may edit or create new email templates through the Template Master > Email > Transactional Emails.  You will likely need to create a new template for each form builder form you create so it is customized to the requested data you are seeking.  Once the template is created it will be available as a choice in the email template drop down menu.

  • Choose “Yes” to “Send Email to Admin” so you can receive the form data
  • “Send Email to Sponsor” leave as “No” unless there is a reason for them to receive the form data
  • “Set Reply-To to Sponsor” leave as “No” unless there is a reason to have it
  • Enter the email address where you want the form data sent in the “Admin Email Where Result Sent” field
  • Choose the email template you wish to send to Admin (Edit and create in the Transactional Emails)

Click on “Frontend-Date & Time Settings” on the Form Builder page

  • Set the “Time Format”
  • Set the “Year Range Start” format
  • Click “Save Config” to save changes

We hope this helps.  Check out our other training posts for additional assistance.

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