Summary:  This training will guide you through the process necessary to set up the communication emails sent to customers who have expiring credit cards on file and expired credit cards used on store orders.  

Log Into WorldVu Dashboard

  • System > Configuration > Card Store Settings (Located under the Menu item Xennsoft Settings)

Configuring the Store Credit Card Settings

  • Click on “Email Settings”
  • Set “Enabled” to “Yes”
  • Choose the “Email Sender” from the list (This will identify to the customer who sent the email)
  • If you want your WorldVu Admin to receive a copy of all emails sent to customers then enter the appropriate email in the “Send Email To” field
  • Choose the email templates from the drop down menu for these fields:  1)  “Card Expiring Email Template” and 2) “Card Expired Email Template”
  • Click on “Save Config” to save all changes

Note:  You may use the default email templates available for the “Card Store Settings” page or modify them as needed.  You may also create new ones as well.  This can all be done through the WorldVu system by going to Templates Master > Email > Transactional Emails

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We hope this helps.  Check out our other training posts for additional assistance.