Summary:  This training will guide you through the process necessary to set up the Customer Attributes found within WorldVu and that will show to the customer during their log in to the system.

Log Into WorldVu Dashboard

  • System > Configuration > Customer Attributes (Located under the Xennsoft Settings menu)

Setting the Customer Attributes

Click on “General Settings”

  • “Display customer attributes on the select customer grid” should be set as a default “Yes”.  This will allow the attributes to show in other areas of WorldVu found under Customers > Customer Attributes > Manage Attributes and perhaps elsewhere in the system.
  • “Allow customer to change his group” should be set as a default “No”.  There should be no general reason you would want customers determining their group identification.  This feature is there for very special cases.
  • “Check upload file type” is determined by Admin’s desire to control customer uploads to WorldVu.  In certain cases customers may upload a picture for their account or some other requested information.  By setting this field to “Yes” you restrict the type of file they are able to upload.  If a JPEG file is needed they will be unable to upload other picture file types.  By setting the field to “Yes” you allow all file types to be uploaded which may also allow the customer to upload a “.doc” file into a picture request field.  The default is set to “No” allowing all file types.
  • “Enable Billing Override” is set to a default of “No”.  If you choose to change this please contact your Xennsoft Consultant or Developer for more details concerning how the change to “Yes” will affect your WorldVu system.

Click on Login Settings

  • “Use For Customer Login” is set to default “Username”.  You may use other login types for customer logins as provided in the drop down menu.
  • “Disable Email Login” should be set to a default “No”.  If you change the field to “Yes” the customer will only be able to login with the attribute listed for “Use For Customer Login”.
  • “Modify Field Title On the Login Page” is set to a default of “Yes” which automatically identifies the customer login availability above the login space used in the Customer login field.  If the field is set to “No” then it will only display the “Use for Customer Login” name as the title above the customer login field.

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We hope this helps.  Check out our other training posts for additional assistance.