I’ve never really have liked the term “cheap”. All too often it comes across as subpar or inferior. Here at Xennsoft, we wanted to create a software platform for the direct selling industry that was affordable and had a low cost of entry, but in no way inferior to systems out there, including the software platform we already offered to our clients. In order to achieve this goal of a low-cost system, we had to change the way we looked at being an MLM software provider and how we operated.

We have built a system that is inexpensive because:

  1. We use open source technology
  2. We use the cloud
  3. We automated the system
  4. We provide a turnkey solution

We use open source technology

Our first consideration were hard costs we incurred due to hardware and licensing. Our existing platform is built on Microsoft technology. This means we have operating system and MsSQL licensing costs. We asked ourselves, is there something else that we could use? I wrote an article on why we switch to open source. Switching to a linux operating system and mysql eliminated those hard costs.

We use the cloud

Back in the industrial revolution if you wanted to manufacture something, most likely you also had to build a power plant to provide the needed electricity to support it. That might sound archaic to us today, but at the time it was a necessity.  I believe owning hardware is now just as archaic. There are so many cloud providers out there at costs that are very reasonable. We have chosen to use DigitalOcean. They are well funded and provide a great service. We have also built our system to be able to use any cloud provider so as not to be locked into one.

We automated the system

Setting up a new client used to take us weeks, if not longer. Now you can sign up directly from our website and within minutes have a full functioning system. We provision your own servers on the cloud, deploy code and systems, purchase and install SSL certs, manage billing, etc. This automation has made it so we can consistently set up a new client and remove human prone issues. This dramatically has cut the cost of bring on a new client.

We provide a turnkey solution

Turnkey is a nice buzzword, but what does it really mean? We have developed a system that is complete and ready for immediate use. We are integrated with shipping services, taxing services, and merchant account providers. We handle commission calculations, an eWallet payout system (called Bonus Bin), genealogy management, product and sales solutions through Magento, marketing site (replicated websites) using WordPress, a back office suite for distributors (called Team Office), success coaches to help you along the way, and much more.