Summary:  This training will guide you through the process needed to add social media links (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, etc.) to your website store view and to your WordPress pages.

Log into WorldVu Dashboard

  • Click CMS > Static Blocks

Adding the Social Media Links in the Store

  • Click on “Footer payment” in the list presented on the “Static Blocks” page
  • Click on the “Show/Hide Editor” to view the edit tools
  • Click on the “Insert Widget”
  • Choose “Social Media Links” from the drop down menu and add the social media links you want displayed
  • Close the “Widget Insertion” window
  • Click “Save Block”

Log into the Repsite

  • Click on Appearance > Theme Options
  • Click on “Social Media Links” near the bottom of the “Theme Options” page
  • Add the social media links
  • Click on “Save all Changes”

We hope this helps.  Check out our other training posts for additional assistance.