Summary:  This training will guide you through the process your Associate/Distributor must do to set up their profile on their replicated site.  

Log into WorldVu Dashboard

Click on Customers > Manage Customers

Note:  Customers log into their Team Office to access the Team Office Profile however on occasion their may be a need for them to call Customer Support for assistance.

Viewing/Modifying Team Office

  • Choose a customer you would like to view and click on their account.  On their account page you will click on “Logon to TeamOffice” to view their Team Office view.

Note:  You are technically logged on as if you are the customer.  Any changes you make will be as if the customer made them.  You may use this view to verify information or to help the customer with the set up of their profile.

  • Click on “Profile” in the top menu
  • On the “Edit Account Information” page, you or the customer may: add/change their public name, public email, public phone number, and add social media accounts, as well as upload a picture.
  • After you or the customer updates their profile they must click on “Save” in the lower right hand corner of the page.


Additional Information:

  • A “Personal Story” may also be available for the customer to fill out if this feature is turned on by Xennsoft Developers upon request however the default does not allow a “Personal Story”.

We hope this helps.  Check out our other training posts for additional assistance.